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​​Set Sail for Flavor: Factor Food Into Your Adventure

Private Charters

Danger Charters Posted by: Danger Charters 6 months ago

There’s a lot to consider when booking a Key West vacation boat tour from across the country – the ocean views will be stellar from any boat deck, so which criteria should you focus on? Online reviews give you a sense of customer service standards. About Us, pages tell you about a company’s history and industry experience. And, of course, tour descriptions highlight what to expect. 

But here’s something to consider that may not have made your list: food. Not all boat tours with food are created equal. Subpar quality and an unsatisfactory quantity of food can put a major damper on your day on the water. No one wants to be hungry on vacation!

At Danger Charters, we consider every aspect of your experience – food and drink included. Read on to learn about the plentiful and creative on-board offerings included with each of our tours, as well as some tips about not letting motion sickness get in the way of your good time.

Danger Charters passengers enjoying culinary delights

Wind & Wine Sunset Sail

We pride ourselves on offering phenomenal Key West sunset sailing experiences, complete with excellent food and drink. We set sail with eight varieties of carefully selected wines from around the world – four red, three white, and a champagne – and five premium domestic and imported beers. Our market-procured charcuterie boards include an array of delicious meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, crudités, and chocolate. 

Sail, Snorkel & Kayak

The Danger Charters crew puts on a fabulous, full buffet lunch during our six-and-a-half-hour premium sail, snorkel, and kayak tour. Lunch includes an assortment of salads, typically curried chicken salad, tuna salad, and pasta salad, as well as an assortment of deli meats, bread, and potato chips. For kids and those who request it, everyone’s favorite: peanut butter and jelly! 

We offer healthy snacking on boat trips that are four-and-a-half hours long and take place either in the morning or the afternoon. Examples include fruit platters (e.g. pineapple, grapes, apples, oranges), chips, salsa, and hummus. 

All of our tours include wine, beer, soft drinks, and bottled water. (Water intake during boat excursions is critical, especially during the Summer months.)

Private Charters

When you book a private charter, the boat – and its bounty of food and beverage – is all yours! Our standard menus apply when you charter a vessel, but if they don’t suit your crowd, let us know how you’d like to customize your cruise.

Want to go off the menu in every sense and design your dream charter? We can do that! The Danger Charters team will work hand-in-hand with you to create a boat tour with food and beverage that checks all of the boxes! Get in touch with us to start planning!   

Special Cruises

At Danger Charters, we love any excuse to go sailing – which is why we offer special cruises year-round! And many of our special sailing adventures come with special food and drink options, too. Wouldn’t chocolate-covered strawberries make for a lovely addition to our selection of gourmet nibbles and sips during our Valentine’s Day Wind & Wine Sunset Sail? We thought so, too. Margaritas during our Cinco de Mayo Sail? Most definitely. 


Every wedding is memorable – but there’s nothing more memory-making (or romantic!) than a wedding at sea! We offer several wedding packages that include set food and drink menus, but the Commodore’s Wedding Package pulls out all the stops. This package is all about you, so we’ll be serving your menu! Our extensive network of best-in-class vendors will allow you to hand-select appetizers, entrees, a customized wedding cake, and desserts that perfectly suit you and your guests.   

Keeping Seasickness at Bay

If your tendency toward seasickness outweighs your desire for boat tours with food, we have some advice that may help you look at menus without feeling so green around the gills. 

First, it’s important to note that at Danger Charters we sail in calm waters at every opportunity. We know people prone to motion sickness have a tough time relaxing on the water because of the anticipation of feeling sick. And we want you to feel confident about letting go – you’re in paradise (and in great hands)! 

Motion sickness prevention on water starts with considering your point of embarkation and your destination, and the wind and waves that may accompany the journey. Our tours that depart from the Danger Chandlery Store typically see only calm waters; Stock Island trips leave from the Perry Marina and are more likely to see a few waves en route. 

Selection of appetizers and beverages available to guests on a sailing charter in Key West, FL

Preventing Seasickness on Cruises

Don’t let seasickness keep you from enjoying fantastic boat tours with food and drink. Check out these seasickness remedies for sailors:

  • Eat

Be sure to eat before you come aboard. The dietary tip for seasickness is to not eat too much or too little; you want to feel fueled but not sluggish.   

  • Drink

Staying hydrated on sea voyages is important. Drink water before and during your sail. There are plenty of bevies on board once your sea legs are under you.

  • Breathe

Anxiety can manifest in different ways, including holding your breath or breathing rapidly. Ground yourself by taking some slow, deep breaths into the wind.

  • Look Up

Looking down at the water can intensify feelings of motion sickness. Keep your eyes on the horizon to help your brain and body get back in sync. 

  • Speak Up

Not feeling great? Tell a member of our crew. They have tips to help you feel better and will keep an eye on you until you give the all-clear. 

  • Pack a Stash

For some, certain tastes and smells soothe the stomach. Natural remedies for motion sickness on boats include ginger chews or ginger beer and peppermint candy or gum.

  • Medicate

Dramamine and Bonine are frequently used for motion sickness. If Dramamine is preferable, take some about a half hour before you board.

Have questions about the curated eats offered on tour with Danger Charters, or have dietary restrictions you want to discuss? Get in touch! We can’t wait to have you aboard – fair winds and following seas!  

A group of young women pose for a photo while on a sailing charter with Danger Charters in Key West, FL
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