Map & Directions

Our boats are docked at the Westin Hotel Marina, corner of Whitehead Street and Greene Street.

To get to the docks you walk between the Westin Resort/Marina and the Key West Museum of Art and History Building (also known as the old Key West Custom’s Building) on the brick-paved pathway. Make a left turn and walk past the shops on your left and the cruise ship on your right. You will see our booth and that is where you check-in for your Key West sailboat excursion with the Danger Charters.

Parking anywhere in Key West is somewhat of a challenge. The area where our boats are docked is called Old Town. In Old Town the streets have pay-by-block parking meters – these take cash, quarters, or credit/debit cards. There is parking under the Westin Hotel and Marina but most of the time it is full.

We suggest you bike, walk, or take a taxi to the docks and just leave your car at your hotel accommodation. If that is not an option, the streets do have lots of metered parking spaces.